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At AKA ANOVA, we provide network and computer solutions that are designed specifically for each individual business. We ensure that we fully understand our client’s needs by completing a comprehensive analysis of each business. This analysis clearly defines the scope of each computer and network installation - the tasks, recommended products, and implementation plan. Our trained professionals will work closely with you, utilizing our thorough network plan and the latest computer technologies, to create a networking environment specifically designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your business.


Networking & Computer Support


Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a small start-up, there are times when you need outside help with your network and computers. Our engineers work on everything from multi-site rollouts of hundreds of computers and networking systems to desktop printing issues and everything in between.

No more wasting your own time on new equipment setups or frustrating computer and networking systems problems. AKA ANOVA offers service on PCs, servers, storage and networking systems. With AKA ANOVA you get the skilled staff you need when you need it without paying for vacations or benefits and without the hassle of rehiring when employees leave.

And when it's time to purchase new hardware or software, call us. We represent over 1000 manufacturers, so you only have to make one call and you don't have to shop around. We're also certified in a variety of additional technologies from cabling to phone systems.


Network Design


AKA ANOVA specializes in the design and installation of local and wide area networks. We can design and build your network from the ground up or modify an existing infrastructure to meet your growing needs. We also have Cisco CCNP, Novell CNE and Microsoft MCSE certified professionals on staff to advise and assist.


Network Connectivity

If your company is looking for a path to the Internet, AKA ANOVA has a solution for you. Regardless of whether you need something as simple as E-mail or a full Intranet with Internet access, we can provide the hardware, software and expertise from start to finish.

Today, your business requires the World Wide Web to connect with customers, employees, and business partners. However in doing so, you are opening your network to security threats and losses. Last year, businesses lost billions of dollars of assets to computer crime, fraud, and destructive code. How do you protect your assets?

Security Solutions

Perimeter Security – Firewall Security

Secure Internet communications must be simple to install and manage, offering flexibility and continuous availability. Firewalls help organizations balance the openness of the Internet with the need to protect the privacy and integrity of sensitive information. AKA ANOVA can help you design and implement a firewall architecture for your specific business and security needs. AKA ANOVA Firewall Solutions provide: 

- Access Control
- Content Security
- Authentication
- Centralized Management

Data Integrity - System Control, Virtual Private Networks

System Control:  AKA ANOVA offers system security tools that protect your system resources including applications, data and operating system. With a system control solution, your organization can centrally implement, enforce and audit a precise security policy. Functions include strong authentication, secure access control, session encryption, centralized management, system monitoring, intrusion detection, auditing, and reporting

VPN: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow corporations to leverage the Internet for all their secure communication needs. Whether it is connecting remote offices, offering remote access to employees, or connecting with business partners, VPN solutions securely extend the network and reduce the costs that are incurred by leased lines and frame relay networks. VPNs:

- Ensure maximum security for corporate resources and Internet communications
- Lower the cost of connecting mobile workers, telecommuters, and branch offices
- Ease network security management and reduces administrative overhead
- Provides scalability, reliability and superior performance

Technology Consulting

We realize it's difficult for you to set aside the time for technology planning - everything changes so quickly that it's tough to keep up. But spending a few hours with an expert AKA ANOVA consultant will save you weeks of research on your own, and will prepare your business for the future. AKA ANOVA will help you create a strategy designed just for your business.


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Financial Services


CIT’s DigitalEdge provides comprehensive tools to help you manage your business from credit application to funding to back-end reporting.

Fill out CIT Digital Edge Business Credit Application and get a response by the next business day! Combining industry expertise with web-based efficiency and convenience, CIT’s DigitalEdge provides comprehensive tools to help you manage your business from credit application to funding to back-end reporting



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